What is Bridges?

What is Bridges? Simply put, Bridges is about forming people who serve in their parishes. Not only parish staff members, but every parishioner who is part of a ministry or organization. Really, Bridges is for everyone, since it is about adopting a common vision for the parish and developing ways to bring that vision about as people and as the community of faith. 

We call this process Bridges because we believe each of us is called to build bridges to others -- bridges to faith in Jesus Christ through the parish community; bridges between Mass and the rest of our lives; bridges from the parish out, in mission, service and love.

Bridges includes many elements:

Bridges Live: a free, monthly live-virtual conversation on one facet of the process of building an engaging and evangelizing community of disciples and stewards;

Bridges modules: self-paced and electronically delivered, including videos, workbooks and handouts, all reasonably priced, with full multi-use copy permission included;

Bridges events: at your parish, diocese, or in your region. Bridges events are live introductions to the Bridges process and often include the modules with event registration;

Bridges resource: developed and offered to diocesan leaders to share with their parishes, the Bridges resource is a monthly piece written for parishioners to help them build bridges to our Catholic life and faith in community.

The vision that Bridges proposes is simple and is rooted in Sacred Scripture, Church documents, particularly those of Vatican II, and the exhortation of Pope Francis, The Joy of the Gospel. It is a vision of the parish as an evangelizing community, recognizing that it is up to each of us to reach out to others with the love of God and to draw one another closely to Christ as disciples.

While this vision is simple, it is also complex. There are many "moving parts" to parish life, and many facets that need attention if we are going to build this evangelizing community. That is why Bridges is being rolled out month-by-month, module-by-module.