Join the Gifted Journey

St. Anne

St. Anne will be offering a unique retreat entitled "The Gifted Journey." The Gifted Journey is an exploration of who we are through the lens of our God-given talents and strengths. It's an appreciation that all we are is gift from God and that each of us has been uniquely created. This day is offered to all who are interested in discovering, affirming, embracing and living out of their unique talents and strengths.

Pre-registration is required along with a donation of $25 to help offset the cost of the day. You will need to take a strengths assessment before attending, so please register early to receive the code for the assessment. Register here by April 25 to insure your spot for this very special day!

Our Gifted Journey retreat will be May 3 from 9-3. Your $25 donation will be collected the day of the retreat.

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