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Person-to-Person  is one element of an intentional process of creating faith-filled friendships within your parish community. This parish leader kit provides information and resources for use with your parish team – staff and parishioner leaders – to help them reflect on the ways in which they may call touch one another (and the people in their lives) through strong, faithful friendships, leading them to deeper, living relationships with Jesus Christ.


The kit includes:

1.     An extended introduction that describes why such friendships are important;

2.     An outline for use as one 90-minute segment of your regular annual meeting of parish leaders, or as a 2 1/2 hour time of formation for them.

a.     The outline includes:

i.      The opening prayer

ii.     Talking points for the session facilitator, including a video by author Leisa Anslinger to use during the session or to provide to participants as a follow-up

iii.     An optional element for the extended day

3.     Worksheets for various ministries, guiding conversations among your leaders as they discover what already contributes to strong relationships within their ministry, leading them to discern future friendship-building potential;

4.     A worksheet to guide personal reflection and sharing, as part of the extended day of formation, or for use at another time.

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