How to Welcome

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How to Welcome

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This is a Parish Leader Kit which includes:
► A reproducible handout for parish leaders describing the process of inviting and welcoming
► A PowerPoint deck with valuable talking points for you as the leader, to help you speak about this with clarity and focus to your own people
► A set of resources known as Out to the Highways and Hedgerows (worth $12.90 on its own) which will give you the tools to train your active members to reach out to inactive ones. This wonderful resource includes a 2nd PowerPoint deck, one aimed at helping people learn to speak about their faith, a communal prayer you can use when you gather your people, and a reproducible flier for everyone in the parish; it's entitled How to Speak about your Faith (without being annoying)
► A tremendous and powerful Podcast by author Leisa Anslinger which can be shared throughout the parish with all leaders.

Your price includes a license to reproduce this resource for use within your own parish.

This is an eResource. You'll get all the elements you need from us via email links and you can email them onward to your team, print and use them as needed, or change them to suit local needs. Handy, fast, and there's never any charge for shipping with eResources!

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