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Are you part of a parish ministry or organization? Do you serve as a catechist, coach, or RCIA team member? Are you a reader at Mass, minister of music or hospitality, or an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion? Do you help at parish socials, meals, with bereavement or sacramental prep?  No matter your role in your parish, you are called to build bridges to others -- to draw them to Christ or more deeply to Christ. Often, we hear people who serve in their parishes speak of themselves as "volunteers." Yet, we who serve in our parishes, city or town, and world, do so as members of Christ's Body. Therefore, our service is ministry! Not only that, when we help to organize, develop or carry out ministry in our parish, we have the opportunity to touch the life of another with the love of God. Our service can inspire and encourage others to give of themselves. And all of us who do give, of our time and attention, prayer, talent and resources are doing so as stewards of the gifts we have been given by our good and gracious God. 

Through Bridges, you have the opportunity to learn, grow, and share with others who also serve in their parish communities. Together, we help to bring Christ's presence to others, touching the people around us with Jesus' love, forgiveness, justice, and peace.

Download a one-page summary of the Bridges Series here, comprised of five roadmaps for effective parish practice. Discern which roadmap will take you where you most need to go; find deeper parish community life as a result.