What a blessing it is to be part of the leadership of your parish! As a parish staff member, you know the parish community "from the inside out." Your role helps you to see the benefits of a strong community of faith for those who belong to your parish, and you can see the difference the parish makes, or could make, for others. No matter your designated ministerial discipline, you bear responsibility for drawing parishioners into ministry with you, coordinating particular aspects of parish life, and leading others to Christ in the process. Through Bridges, you will find resources, training, and encouragement to lead your community in new and dynamic ways. We are grateful you have come to Bridges, and hope you will join us on this journey of shared leadership.

Download a one-page summary of the Bridges Series here, comprised of five roadmaps for effective parish practice. Discern which roadmap will take you where you most need to go; find deeper parish community life as a result.