Introduction to Strengths

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Introduction to Strengths

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Discovering, appreciating and applying the gifts and talents God has given each person helps us to recognize the grace of God in our lives, and to value one another as uniquely and wonderfully created in God’s image and likeness (Gn 1:26-27, CCC 356-361).

Introduction to Strengths provides pastoral leaders with an understanding of talent research and the use of the StrengthsFinder in parish, diocesan and ministerial settings.

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Learning Objective 1: Participants will grow in understanding of the talent research behind the StrengthsFinder assessment.

Learning Objective 2: Participants will develop a greater understanding of the theology of our unique creation in God’s image (imago Dei) and how talents are among the gifts we are called to steward with our lives. They will also develop a capacity to communicate this theology through their interactions with others.

Learning Objective 3: Participants will grasp the developmental nature of talent, and will develop a personal plan through which they will apply their primary areas of talent in their lives to a greater degree.

Learning Objective 4: Participants will understand the interrelationship between creating an environment in which all are invited to give of their talents, skills, and resources and increased parish engagement.

Learning Objective 5: Participants will begin to examine current parish practices in relationship to the importance for people to have “the opportunity to do what they do best.”