Introduction to Engagement

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Introduction to Engagement

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Deep belonging among members is key to deepening spiritual commitment among people, leading them to evangelize in the ways articulated by Pope Francis in EG, 24.

Introduction to Engagement provides an essential foundation in engagement research, articulated within Catholic theology and parish practice.

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Learning Objective 1: Participants will develop a clear understanding of engagement as the underlying dynamic of parish life, and will be able to succinctly articulate this to others. Specifically, participants will come to a greater understanding of the importance of belonging, and that belonging leads to spiritual commitment.

Learning Objective 2: Participants will examine and acquire the ability to communicate the theological implications of engagement in relationship to our participation in Christ’s Body, discipleship, evangelization and stewardship.

Learning Objective 3: Participants will make essential connections between engagement, evangelization and stewardship.

Learning Objective 4: Participants will apply the principle of building on what is working, and building up the engaged who reach out to those who are not engaged to their discussions and initial assessment and planning processes, establishing the strategy and vision for future discussions.

Learning Objective 5: Participants will begin a process of assessing practices that may contribute to engagement in their parish, and to discern strategies to increase engagement, based in the research and best practices.

Learning Objective 6: Participants will conclude the course having identified specific next steps for study, discernment, and planning.